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Contact information

Rozváděče Vsetín, s.r.o.
Jiráskova 2190
755 01  Vsetín
Czech Republic

phone: +420 571 164 555
fax: +420 571 162 002
web: or

IČO: 24839183
DIČ: CZ24839183

Bank account:
Fio banka Vsetín
č. účtu CZK: 2200141974/2010
č. účtu EUR: 2600141981/2010

Bank account for payment of SR:
Fio banka Vsetín
č. účtu EUR: 2600141981/8330


Rozváděče Vsetín, s.r.o., registration in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, Insert 37647

About us

Rozvadece Vsetin, s .r. o. is a Czech company that follows the tradition of electronic components production in Vsetin town, specialized in elevator switchboards, cabinets and other electronic components for elevators. On October 1, 2011 was completed a process of repurchase of know-how in the field of elevator technology from Mezservis a. s. By the following day the company Rozvadece Vsetin s. r. o. takes over all activities and obligations in lift technology.

Our goal is to provide complex services in the field of electrinic equipment for elevators.



What we do:

  • Our primary specialty are lift componentselevators control systems, lifting accessories and everything else related with lifts and elevators


Our goal are complex services in the field of electrinic equipment for elevators. We offer to all our customers the lift switchboards and accessories to create a custom elevator switchboard according to customer requirements.

Our development department is constantly working on new systems and components.

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